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Rotational Toolmaking By Light Patterns & Tooling Ltd - Services

Light Patterns and Tooling Ltd are very pleased to be able to provide the following services.

Rotational Moulding

Prototype models of products - Handmade or CNC

Aluminium Production Tooling

Routing, Drilling, Sawing and Cooling fixtures

Tool modifications, refurbishment and repairs

 Pattern Making

Wood, Resin and Metal patterns and coreboxes

Modifications, repairs and refurbishment

Vacuum Forming

Tooling in Aluminium, Resin and Wood


Model Making

Working models made for the engineering, construction, leisure and aircraft industries

If LPT can support your business, please don’t hesitate to call one of our partners, Graham Gill or John White on the telephone number below.

For More Information on Our Pattern & Rotational Toolmaking, Call Light Patterns & Tooling Ltd on: 01246 250 773